The Brand

Hannah Everly started off with just an idea. An idea that girls shouldn't have to compromise modesty for style. In 2012 a then 14 year old Hannah borrowed a few hundred dollars from her sister and launched a brand. Since then people all over the world have ordered their skirts for weddings, sororities, engagement photos, and everyday life. Hannah Everly is all about creating romantic and timeless pieces that inspire the everyday girl.  

"I definitely used to feel a bit more self-conscious that I was always the girl wearing a skirt and heels when the rest of society was wearing jeans and hoodies. Was I not as thick skinned and tough? Did people think I was ditzy and materialistic? But since when did girls dressing like guys empower girls? Shouldn’t we be confident in our feminity and the way we were made? We don’t have to dress or act like guys to be as smart or privileged as they are. We can dress like girls and be respected for who we truly are." -Hannah 

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