Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Such Spring

I thought about just saying "omg such spring" and leaving that as the writing for this post, but no. I'll tell you the story behind this night even if it is painful to talk about it. So, this is for you... <3

Before we get started.. I bought these bracelets with the full intention of giving them to friends when I got back, but nope. Couldn't part with them. No shame. 


Aww look how peaceful I look. This is clearly before "the incident".

So our story begins on Saturday evening when I went with Rachel to my best friend's family photo session. 

First stop was this amazing car I found next to where we parked. Notice I don't have my purse in this photo. (I clearly did not)

Probably my favorite section was this tulip garden. I mean HELLO can you even???

Photographer Rachel gettin in the zone. Werk it sista friend. 

Basically sisters

Ok, so... very long/stressfull story made short:
Rachel and I met up at goodwill before the photoshoot, and I asked to ride with her to Colonial Williamsburg (10 min away), because I was worried about us both being able to find parking spots. I locked the car and threw the keys in my purse and jumped in Rachel's. We had a fabulous few hours with our friends but when Rachel drove me back to my car and I went to grab my keys, I realized I didn't have them. In fact... I didn't have my purse at all. (Keep in mind the sun is setting and soon it will be dark and I don't know how long I've been missing them and we walked all over CW for the photos so it could be anywhere and my bag also has all of my money, debit card, car registration, and insurance card) I ran into goodwill and freaked out everyone my frantically running down the isles and stopping everyone to see if they had seen it. I then hopped back in rachel's car and we raced (going the speed limit kids) back to CW to try to find it. I ran to the spot where I took the photo with the old car, because that's the first place I can remember putting it down. It was no where to be seen. I felt sick and helpless and didn't know what to do. I texted my two best friends to ask for prayers when Caitie (who was at the photoshoot) responded "YOUR MOM CALLED MRS SWAN HAS IT. I REPEAT MRS SWAN FOUND IT AND HAS IT.) Like whoa what are the chances another friend would have happened to stop and find it and actually know me???? Rachel called Mrs Swan and turns out she just found it when they were on a scavenger hunt and checked inside and was like "oh it's Hannah's!", and they were now using it for the scavenger hunt because they needed something that started with the letter "P".
 *insert surprised emoji* *insert laughing crying face emoji*

When I told my parents about it when I got home they obviously freaked out and were sure that someone could have found the keys and then found the car and stolen it. So basically then I got grounded for two weeks.

And that's the story. I don't think I'll ever lose my purse again. 

Dress: J.Crew; Shoes: Jack Rogers; Bracelets: sketchy man in China; Earrings: Thrift shop

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sock Hop

Good morning guys! So I wanted to share some photos from the sock hop I went to last weekend. In case you don't know... a sock hop is a 50's themed dance where every wears vintage dresses or poodle skirts and a live band plays and there's lot of rootbeer floats. (Or you fill a cup with just ice cream if you're me)

Probably the highlight of my life was when the older man who owned this 56' Belair pulled me out of dance to get photos with his car. Later he gave me his number and asked me to model with his 60's car for photos sometime. Umm.... YES. 

Oh friends you so funny.

Then we had to get some iPhone pics for instagram ya know. 

"Ok now strike a sassy pose."
"Wait I don't know how."
"Just touch your hair."

(I made my dress and Alyson's is from Eshakti with a J.Crew sweater)

This photo has so many of my favorite people in it that I love it despite the fact that I'm mid talking. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Flower of My Eye

Good morning guys!!! So today I have a post from a little iPhone photoshoot my friend Alyson and I did while she was in town! 
Basically Aly was a blog reader of Rachel's and we met her at a homeschool convention a few years back and really hit it off! I was super excited when she asked to spend her spring break at Casa de Coker. 
We explored Williamsburg and Richmond, ate too much greek salad, popcorn and ice cream, tried on ugly expensive prom dresses, watched a lot of Audrey Hepburn movies, almost died in the target parking lot, and went to a 50's sock hop! She left yesterday and I miss having an extra sister for a week. :( 

We realized we both have the exact same J.Crew dress, which meant we needed to have a photoshoot, duh. 

Where can we sign up to be a moody girl pop band?

Something went wrong here...

Moody girl pop band cover pt 2

Have a fabulous Monday and make cookies and watch an old Disney movie and don't let Monday's stereotype bring you down.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hannah Everly Spring 2015

Good morning guys! So this week I *finally* launched my spring line! ("This week" as in last night) Monday night we basically photographed 9 skirts in 30 minutes, all while having to do outfit changes (in parking lots because ain't nobody got time to run all the way to a bathroom) and running in 4" wedges when some of us had never worn wedges before. (Shout out to Jordan for risking her ankles) It was quite the event and the girls had to keep coming up to me to remind me to breathe. ;) But we beat the setting sun and rocked those skirts, if I do say so myself. As soon as it was over I realized I totally should have vloged behind the scenes stuff, but oh well. Next time!!! 
Anyway here are some of my favorite shots (there's alot of them). Hope you enjoy!

Tried to be serious...

Didn't work.

My amazing photographer and sister friend

Caught in action

And that's a wrap! Which was your favorite?