Friday, February 27, 2015

Q&A video

I finally got around to filming my question and answer video!!!! It's probably the worst quality you've ever seen and I talk very fast, but whatever. It's all I have to offer. If you have any questions or video requests please feel free to comment or email me! Thanks for everyone who sent me questions! Sorry I had to go through them so quickly! 

You can hear my opinions on dating in high school and 50 shades of grey/my biggest dreams and favorite quotes/what kind of music I like/ top 3 business tips!

I'd love to hear your answer to these questions in the comments!

(P.S. To add to what I said for the first part of my "outward beauty" question...
 Each and everyone of us is beautiful without having to try or make an efffort... but it is fun to experiment with fashion and makeup and hairstyles! I had to answer on the spot and wasn't able to articulate my answer very well. My apologies!) 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dress (for) Yoself

Whenever I get dressed I still think about that time last year when THREE different guy friends in the same week said to me "I like girls who dress really simply". I remember looking down at my striped sweater and polka dot pants, laughing, and sarcastically replying, "well its a good thing I don't dress for guys!" Then in my head I repeated more seriously, "it is a good thing I don't dress for guys." Now I'm not talking about disregarding modesty and the whole "whatever to guys" movement, but more so that the way you should dress should reflect your personality and what makes YOU happy. For me I have a very colorful and bubbly personality so I never flinch at wearing several patterns or colors at one time. I have friends who are very laid back and prefer neutrals, and I have friends who are more classic and prefer black and white. But the point is... whatever style you prefer you should rock. Never EVER change your style (or personality) around what a guy or anyone else likes. 
*end sassy rant*


Wasn't that empowering? I agree! Glad we had that talk. 

Jacket: Kenneth Cole; Sweater: Banana Republic; Pants: Loft; Necklace: BCBG: Boots: Nordstrom 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I think this is still one of my favorite bow skirts I've ever made. I mean... not to toot my own horn, but.... that color. Can you even? It's definitely one of my most worn bow skirts. 
I think I like it so much because it reminds me of blueberries and blueberries are my all time fave of everything. Blueberry muffins with crumbly stuff on top? Favorite breakfast. Blueberry muffin girl on Strawberry Shortcake? Favorite Character. Blueberry candles? Probably my favorite scent ever if I had ever seen a blueberry scent candle. 

(Low back tops are the real mvp)

So fresh

Skirt: Hannah Everly; Shirt: Goodwill ($2!!!); Earrings: thrifted; Heels: J.Crew

The Many Faces of Hannah

So today we have a special post featuring my many different unattractive/funny/ratchet faces that never made it on the blog. 
I know that bloggers get a bad rep sometimes with being "so fake", "so narcissistic", and "too perfect", so I decided to go against the grain and post the worst outakes I could find of myself. You should never take yourself too seriously, or someone you don't know too seriously. No one's perfect and the sooner we realize that the sooner we'll be happy with our own imperfections. I know I've always wished that the bloggers I follow would post at least ONE picture where their hair is out of place or they look like their about to sneeze, cause that's what happens in real life amiright?!?! 

We all know "no one is perfect", but I think it's important to show people that. 

So these unedited, awkward outtakes are for you. Enjoy. 

Hannah... water u doin?

Dat half sneeze tho...

Did you say "fabulous"? Probably not. 

When J.Crew is having a major sale and they have one left of that amazing thing in your size...

Probably one of my top 3 faves. Now we all know why I didn't wear a coat in that post. Yikes. 

"Makin my way downtown..."

No one's even concerned. 

When someone isn't obsessed with cats and you can't understand them. 

Caption this.

Hope you enjoyed! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Into the Woods

The title for this post was a toss up between "Out of the Woods" and "Into the Woods". While I do appreciate a good Taylor Swift reference, that's my least favorite song on the album. Plus "Into the Woods" references the Academy Awards which happened to be last night. (A post on that later this week)

SOOO wasn't that an exciting look into the blog post naming process? Yes I agree. 
Anyways... I don't really have much to say except its monday and my mom woke me up by giving me a package with 5 stamps on it that contained a VHS version of my 2nd favorite movie from the 90's (I already own my 1st), a bar of chocolate, and a card that says "you're a total betty!" (reference to my 1st favorite 90's movie). This Monday and I are going to get along nicely. 

(Suddenly a wild Hannah appears in the woods)

Also... brief apology for the lack of posts last week. It happened to snow way too much and all I did was wear fuzzy pants and work and eat ice cream. Next time that happens I think I should just do a blog post on how to style fuzzy pants. Yes? Yes. 

Have a fabulous monday! 

Trench: Kenneth Cole; Shirt: J.Crew; Skirt: J.Crew; Boots: Nordstrom, Earrings: Loft

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


So I wore this outfit to church a few weeks back and several ladies (and a few guys) stopped me to say that I looked "like a girl from the 1940's going to a school dance!"  We're just gonna take that as a compliment because that's the only way to take it when someone says you look retro. It's always a good thing.  (unless they say you look like you're from the 80's. That's almost never a good thing...)

Sorry I only have four photos today. It was as cold as Elsa's frozen heart from the beginning to middle of the movie. Very cold, guys. Very cold. 

Dress: made by me; Sweater: J.Crew; Shoes: Vintage; Necklace: BCBG 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Pink + Red

Because on Valentine's Day if you aren't wearing pink or red... it's a crime. 


No wonder that guy said she was gorgeous! Isn't she a total betty? 

Blazer: Zara, Shirt: Forever 21, Necklace: Kohl's; Earrings: Payless; Jeans: Loft, Shoes: Payless 


My outfit is the same as this post (At Last) except I switched shirts and wore a ruffled tank from J.Crew, and my hair didn't look as good. (Thank you wind.)

 Happy Tuesday!

Fries Before Guys

So here's the lowdown on how your girl Han spent Valentine's Day. Prepare yourself for LOTS of photos. I'll have a post tomorrow on our outfits and all those details. 

So basically Amaris (one of my bestest friends) and I decided we weren't going to sit around on Saturday and do nothing. She asked me to be her valentine (aww shucks) and of course I said "duh" and asked her back. We spend the day laughing our heads off and discussing life and avoiding creeps. (lots more on that later)

(in my natural habitat) 

First things first: Food.. and lots of it. 

We wrapped up our left over/greasy fries in that paper bag and munched on them throughout the rest of the day. You can call us classy. 

Then we headed to some thrift stores but sadly I don't have any photos of that. It was however the place for our first creepy encounter....
So while we were browsing through the racks Amaris noticed this older guy (facial hair type) who keep staring at her and smiling. I shrugged it off as nothing and went to go check out the shoes. A few minutes later she ran over to me and said that he walked past her and said "you are so gorgeous." and then walked away. I told her not to leave my side because this guy was starting to sound like bad news. About 10 minutes later he walked up to her again and introduced himself and gave her a folded up McDonald's receipt that said "Hey just moved here got a job and I don't know anyone. I'm 30. Call if you want *phone number*. -*name*"
I decided he was definitely a rapist or serial killer and I think it will take me a while before I get up the courage to go back to that goodwill. 
(Tbh I was more interested in checking his receipt and seeing what he ordered for lunch. In case you're curious it was two double cheeseburgers.)

We shook off that creepy encounter and went to get a cupcake down the road. We sat by the window and ranked couples on cuteness and compatibility. 

(I decided we were a 10 on the cuteness scale while all the other couples only got 6's)

Then we headed to Colonial Williamsburg and took photos, got winked at, bought each other roses, got blown kisses from a car full of guys (does Valentine's Day bring out the inner creep of every guy?), and almost got blown away by the wind. We also heard someone murmur "wow those jackets are bright." Oh I'm sorry we totally didn't notice. 

The cutest lil photographer 

Buying yourself flowers is the best because you can make sure they match the aesthetic of your instagram stream. 

We wore ring pops but couldn't get up the courage to get a fake proposal picture like we were dying to. Even the bravest people have their limits. 


Right on Victoria's Secret. Right on. 

I got heart (and monkey) shaped balloons and a stuffed fox that dances and says "you're so foxy" on it. It doesn't get much better than that. 

Matching dresses for the win! (Amaris bought that black dress. Isn't it classic!?!?)

We can do some damage in Loft. Oops.

A few black dresses were bought. No regrets. Just sales. 

So if you couldn't tell it was basically the best day ever. 


How did you spend your day?