Monday, August 3, 2015

A Birthday Soiree + Vlog

(my dress: Tracy Reese via Ebay, Caitie's dress: Tracy Reese via Ebay, Lily's Dress: Goodwill)

So Saturday was kind of a big deal....
My best friend Caitie and I decided to throw a join birthday party for our 18th and 16th birthdays!!! My birthday was in June and Caitie's is at the end of August so we met in the middle. 

(Ruth's dress:vintage, Rachel's dress: vintage)

family on point

This is when our friend Jesse surprised everyone with a song he had written about Caitie and I, :') The full version is in the vlog!

It was a wonderful evening and I wish all of you could have been there! Since that wasn't possible I have a vlog from the whole weekend to make it feel like you were! Beware... there's LOTS of embarrassing dance moves and off tune singing. (screaming?) 


  1. Maaan you all had a lot of fun...That party looked awesome!! Annnd BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ^_^

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH! And gah!!! A soiree sounds like such fun!

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