Thursday, April 2, 2015

No Makeup Week + Crazy Cat Lady Part 2

So guess who's birthday was yesterday?!?!?! (and it wasn't mine) I always thought it was cool her birthday was on april fool's day... but that also came with a lot of frustration. Why the heck wouldn't the kids in sunday school believe me that it was my cat's birthday? Who the heck would make up a lame joke like that? Not this girl. Luckily we've moved on to bigger and better jokes as we've all grown up and everyone has stopped being suspicious of her birthday.But life in 3rd grade was a real struggle. A real struggle.  

So this week I decided to do a no makeup cleanse. (lipstick doesn't count because it makes everyone happy and keeps your lips from being chapped) 
On the one hand I felt like my skin needed some time to breathe, but on the other hand... I felt like I was becoming too dependent on it. In a world that categorizes nice eyebrows and perfectly winged liner as "goals"... I wanted to focus on inward goals.
 I felt like my self confidence was becoming more and more dependent on how on point my eyeliner was or how blended my eyeshadow was. I started to think of my real face less and less as my makeupless face, and more and more as my made up face.
 Saturday my best friend Caitie texted me out of the blue and said that she was feeling the same way and doing the same thing, without me even telling her that I was! We've supported each other this week every time we (I) wanted to cave. :)
 So basically while I still love makeup and think it's fun, I never want to get to the point where my self confidence hinges on it. My dad always told me "never get to the point where you can't go to the grocery store without makeup on". And I never want to be *that* person that reapplys makeup in the middle of a workout class. (I've seen it before) 

I totally encourage all of you to do it for at least a week!!!!

werk it

Dress: Made by me; Sweater: J.Crew; Shoes: Kate Spade 


  1. Amen, girl! I so feel the same way, and as soon as I can get this acne under control, I am totally doing this. It's so frustrating to feel ashamed and not want anyone to stop and talk to me when I'm on a walk just because I'm not wearing makeup (mainly concealer and foundation). It's a burden, really. And just to boost your look ah-mazing even without it...and it's no longer April fools, so I mean it. ;)
    Ah! I need to make a dress soon or I'll explode! What pattern(s) did you use for this one?

    1. Yes it really is! I felt like my skin was doing worse because of all the foundation and concealer that was piling up on it. :( I'd totally encourage you to do it! In the beginning of the week I was way more self conscious going out in public, but last night I didn't even think twice about it!
      I can't remember! I think I just made it up. :(

  2. 1. That dress is amazing!! I love the twirling capabilities!!
    2. Happy birthday to your cat. :) What's her name? :)
    3. I totally relate with this post. I am the girl who can't go to the grocery store without it... (but I don't think I'd reapply in the middle of a workout. lol) I've struggled with acne and other issues since I was like twelve, and as a result make-up has become a huge part of my life. This was inspiring!!
    (And I just did complete a week of no make up unintentionally... the perks of being sick and staying home for an entire week. :)

    1. 1. Thanks girlfriend!
      2. She says thaink you. :) Emma!
      3. Just take it slowley and back off one makeup product at a time! It doesn't have to be all at once! For me I stopped wearing liquid eyeliner on a daily basis, so I could get used to looking more natural, before I cut it out all together.

  3. I love your dress so much!! And wow you look gorgeous either way- with or without makeup!