Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cuties in Cudjoe: Part 3

The 3rd day of our trip was our day in the happening city of Keyyyyy West! We got an early start to our day and stopped at all the cute little shops on our way to main street. 


(Rach found this romper for a few dollars at a thrift shop on one of the keys, not bad, eh?)

(Got my dress for a few bucks at a consignment store)

(And Lily got her's for a few dollars at a yardsale. We're big spenders.)

We walked all up and down mainstreet until we found this hammock shop I remembered from last time I was there. 
I swear these are the hammocks we will have in heaven. 

We had passed this restaurant the night before and were in awe of its aestheticness. When lunch time finally came we wandered up and down mainstreet asking shop owners where "the really cute Mexican cafe is with the lights and flags"?  We were taken on a wild goose chase to several different Mexican restaurants but none of them were "the one". After an embarrisangly long amount of time we FINALLY found the oh so instagramable cafe we longed for. And you bet we got those instagrams.  

They matched the guacamole perfectly to my outfit. How kind. :')

"Shell phone" *Giggles* (name that movie)

Marilyn Monroe ft Lily hair toss

We had heard great things about the butterfly conservatory, so we made our way across town to check it out and escape the heat. 

Some rare and exotic butterflies we spotted. 

We then decided we needed to go to the Southern Most Point to get a photo for Lily since she'd never been there before. Rachel had the map so she directed us which way to go. After walking for about an hour in the hot sun and insane humidity and feeling like we were about to pass out... we realized we were lost in Key West. Luckily we realized we were lost right as we found a visitor center. We had to call a taxi to take us to the whole other side of the Island. Turns out the Southern Most Point had only been about a 5 minute walk from the Butterfly Conservatory, but we walked in the complete opposite direction. Whoops. 

We made our way back to main street and walked around for a few more hours before heading back to Grandpa's for homemade spaghetti and sauce. :')

No one died, so all in all it was a good day.


  1. Just STAHP! Your guys' cuteness is killing me lol! XD
    I admire you for finding such cute clothes for such a comfy price.
    And I totally am eating at that Mexican restaurant next year!
    Love the butterfly conservatory! Had a little beauty land on my hair for a moment when I was there. (Insert heart-eye emoji.)

    1. yes you HAVE to go!!! Oh same! But it moved to soon to get a photo. :(

  2. I'm gonna guess Aquamarine? That movie made me want to dye my hair blue. (But not ALL of my hair blue. Sheesh, that would look ridiculous.)

    1. Ding ding ding we have a winner! YES SAME. We all almost got blue highlights for the trip because of that movie!

  3. Aquamarine! I'm 17 and still like that movie:) good old shell phones! I really need to go to Key West now, it's gorgeous!!

  4. Hi, Hannah! I just had a quick question. I'm putting together a guest post for a blog, and it's in list format with one of the items being a "Summer Wishlist Item". Is it alright for me to use an image of a skirt from your shop? I'm adding the link to the listing as well. Thanks!

    1. Hi anna! Of course you can! Thanks for thinking of me!

  5. Your birthday holiday trip sounds SO BEAUTIFUL, Hannah! And what lovely pictures of you and Rachel and your friend together. Sounds like a lovely time.

    Happy 18th!