Sunday, June 28, 2015

Han Gets Baptized

So Sunday night your girl Han got baptized!!! I"ll share my testimony at the end of the post, but enjoy all the pics! Thanks everyone for coming out!!! It made me so happy to look out and see so many of my best friends. :')

(With God as my witness I'll wear lipstick even if I can't wear makeup)

This photo <3

What party would it be without donuts?

P.S. My dress is from J.Crew and it's on sale now! 

Best friends since I was 6

"I always thought I had a boring testimony. Grew up in church... had Christian parents for as long as I can remember… got saved at a fairly young age. So typical, so boring. I always secretly wished that I had had some riveting story of being a criminal in the past and having this incredible salvation story that would have everyone captivated at a Bible study. But clearly that wasn’t God’s plan for me. He blessed me with parents who taught me the Bible day in and day out. They told me about my sin and need for a savior, and in my early teens I made their faith my own and fell in love with Christ and what He had done for me. But as I looked over this question and a million thoughts ran through my head, one struck me by surprise. I was *just* as lost as the criminal who turned from their wicked ways. I was *just* as lost as a tribal man in South Africa. I was *just* as lost as a Hindu in India and a Muslim in Turkey. I needed a savior no less than anyone else, and it is just as amazing that God would choose to save a wicked, dark person like me. Though I don’t remember the specific date or time I was saved, I don’t really need to. Having a great story isn’t what saved me. Plus, I do have a great story… God left the heavens, bore my shame, suffered and died to save me! How much more incredible can it get!?!?! I still fail Him all the time, but as I get older I grow closer and closer to Him. I want to serve Him with my life and gifts, and give Him my everything… Just as He gave me His everything."



  1. So wonderful!! Congratulations! And these pictures are so very lovely!

  2. I love your testimony! Lovely. <3 Also, donuts, are Ah-m.a.z.i.n.g!!!!!

    1. Thanks Emily! I know right?!?!? The real star of the show.

  3. I love this. <3 Your testimony is very similar to mine, actually.

  4. Oh Hannah, you are a lovely girl. Really. Our testimonies are very similar and I love your perspective on how "average" testimonies can seem "boring". *Seem* Nothing about it is boring though. If we had *any* idea just what Jesus went through and just what He really saved us from and just how glorious it will be to spend eternity with Him, we would quickly realize how any salvation story is just as exciting as the best adventure novel. God bless the rest of your adventure with Him, girl.
    I also love your perspective on how the date on which we were saved doesn't matter, because I can't remember mine, either. How insightful!

    1. Aww thank you so much for this comment! We're even more alike than what I had already thought! ;)
      Praise God!