Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cuties in Cudjoe: Part 4

So this was the day we almost died. (I feel like I could say that abut every day)

So we decided that the amount of fattening food we had eaten was not comparable to the amount of exercise we had gotten. So rach was like "Hey! Let's rent bikes and bike this 4 mile bridge in the heat on Saturday morning!" 

(p.s. I broke those glasses on this ride so I'm still a little bitter about that...)

The way there was great. The wind was on our back and we even had enough energy to sing Taylor Swift and Disney songs the whole way down. 

A kind stranger even offered to take our photo in return for a photo of him!

Squinty eyes for daysss

So at the end of the bridge there was a long ramp leading down to the seemingly abandoned island of "Pigeon Key". Everyone in Key West told us to ignore the tresspassing signs and go to the island cause it was supa cool. (seems legit, right?)

Aside from almost dying on the ramp down to the island, it was pretty safe and legit. 

Plus it was super insta worthy.

Then a guy came and told us that we had to pay him if we wanted to stay on the island (sketch) so we split. 

The ride back was honestly one of the physically hardest things I've ever had to do. The wind was working against us and the sun was beating down and it felt like our faces were melting off. It took probably an hour to bike those 2 miles back if that tells you anything. Rachel and Lily got off their bikes and walked at the halfway mark, but being the over achiever I am... I *had* to finish it on the bike and my calves deeply regretted that later. 

I honestly don't even remember what we did the rest of the day because that was so traumatic. I'm pretty sure we went thrifting, but who can be sure?

I know that evening we did our photoshoot that I posted about earlier! 

And that wraps up our 4th day! 
Please excuse the bad quality photos and dramatic retelling of the days events. It's all part of the experience. 

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  1. Whoa! That's weird! When we went, the ramp was open and people we welcome to explore the island! That's horrible! And my deepest sympathies for your poor sunnies. R.I.P :(
    You all stayed cute through it all, as usual, though! :)