Wednesday, June 10, 2015


So guess who DIDN'T drop off the face of the earth, as opposed to what I may have led you to think. 

So seeing as it's been forevs I thought I'd catch you up on some things... 

1. Girlfriend here got some highlights on the bottom half of my hair. You may be able to tell from these photos, but maybe not cause they blended them supa well. I think I'll add even more blonde next year. 

2. I went to KEEYYY WEST with my sister Rachel and one of my best friends Lily for a week! We stayed with my Grandpa who is the coolest person ever and has the most amazing house down there. I'll do several more blog posts on actual photos from our trip and what we did, but I wanted to show you a photoshoot we did while we were down there! 

3. My excuse for not blogging has been pretty valid. I've been working harder than I think I ever have (I've worked 16 hours a day in the studio for the past few days, if that gives you any idea), and never really leave the house or get dressed HA. Ironic, right? Spends all day making cute skirts and NEVER GETS DRESSED CUTE ANYMORE. Things are more under control than they were a few weeks ago, so hopefully I can get back into blogging. 

4. This week is the homeschool convention (HOLLA) and I'm pretty pumped about having a booth for my 4th year in a row! (If you're going to be at the virginia convention come see meee!) My friend Caitie is staying at Coker Casa for the week and is going to be helping out at my booth, and you bet that we have coordinated outfits for each day. Hopefully I'll get some outfit photos out of that! And I think we're going to vlog the week which is supa exciting. 

So anyway... there's a little life update for you!

The humidity on the island was actually amazing because I could wear my hair natural with no problems! I'm all about that life.

Here' s my stunning friend Lily 

And my glamorous sister friend 

Hope you enjoyed reading and I'll be back tomorrow with more photos from the trip!
 (My dress is from goodwill, Lily's is from a yard sale, and Rachel got her's from a thrift store on the island. We're big spenders.)


  1. I am supa jealous. SUPA jealous. Key West?!? My family and I visited the Florida Keys last year and are doing it again in 2016!! Can someone help me throw a party, please and thank you? XD
    Love the pink dress, pink earrings, and the pink flowers. You are gorgeous, as always, girl.
    See ya at HEAV! (my sis and I will be running the Nature Friend Magazine booth) I should really be good and ask my dad to lock me out of my bank account for the weekend so I can't but another skirt from you. I already have three and don't really have any spending money. *Holds back tears.* Okay, on second thought, your skirts are special enough to pay for out of my savings. XD

  2. Yay! Can't wait for the new blog posts. Been wondering where you were! ;)

  3. Your hair looks amazing! I love that first photo :D