Friday, February 13, 2015

Galentine's Day

So the girls and I started this tradition last year of celebrating GALentine's Day the weekend before Valentine's Day. (Get it? It's Valentine's Day but with your gal friends. Genius.) Basically we color coordinate our outfits and take some pics (shoutout to Caleb for getting up just to take these) and then go and eat ourselves sick from pancakes (shoutout to cracker barrel) and do some shopping (shoutout to good will). 
Sounds like the perfect day to me. 

This may be weird but this sequin peplum top is one of my most worn shirts. No shame waltzing into Walmart in this. Bring on the stares. (The stares were actually probably from me walking through the door and my shirt flying up. And to think I thought they were just staring at my fabulousness...)  

And cheetah flats because I tell you all the time that cheetah is a neutral.  

Shirt: Boutique (online here); Sweater: J.Crew; Jeans: Loft; Shoes: Banana Republic 

Best friends 5evr 

Sisters b4 misters


Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous weekend! 
What are your plans for tomorrow? 


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! You all look super festive and adorable. I looooove that sequin top to pieces.

    1. Thank you Ashley! We had a blast! I just found the top online for $20! I linked it in the post!

  2. Oh my. Super cute poses, super cute friends (and sisters:), super cute colors, and super cute sequins! Today, for the first time ever, I got a single red rose for V's Day...from my Dad!😍 Sweet and special! Hope you have a special day, tomorrow!

    1. oh you're so sweet sarah! AWW that's so nice of him! I bought myself a pink one on sunday and a lavender one today! I'll make a post alllll about today. :)

  3. ahhh, GALentines day is the best idea ever!! Guess what I am totally celebrating next year with my bestie? (Provided of course that we are still single. :) This year I have a date with my big bro! We are going to a huge 1940's east coast swing dance, (with a 30+ piece live swing band!!) i am a little excited. {!!!!!}

    love ya'lls outfits! terribly cute, and your shirt is amazing!!

    1. you can celebrate it even if you aren't single! My sister has a boyfriend so now we do it the weekend before!
      THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!! Swing dancing and 1940's music are two of my favorite things! Hope you had fun!