Monday, February 23, 2015

Into the Woods

The title for this post was a toss up between "Out of the Woods" and "Into the Woods". While I do appreciate a good Taylor Swift reference, that's my least favorite song on the album. Plus "Into the Woods" references the Academy Awards which happened to be last night. (A post on that later this week)

SOOO wasn't that an exciting look into the blog post naming process? Yes I agree. 
Anyways... I don't really have much to say except its monday and my mom woke me up by giving me a package with 5 stamps on it that contained a VHS version of my 2nd favorite movie from the 90's (I already own my 1st), a bar of chocolate, and a card that says "you're a total betty!" (reference to my 1st favorite 90's movie). This Monday and I are going to get along nicely. 

(Suddenly a wild Hannah appears in the woods)

Also... brief apology for the lack of posts last week. It happened to snow way too much and all I did was wear fuzzy pants and work and eat ice cream. Next time that happens I think I should just do a blog post on how to style fuzzy pants. Yes? Yes. 

Have a fabulous monday! 

Trench: Kenneth Cole; Shirt: J.Crew; Skirt: J.Crew; Boots: Nordstrom, Earrings: Loft


  1. Love the color of your skirt! And, boy, I would love it if my mom woke me up on a Monday like that! 😉 Enjoy!!!

  2. You look beautiful :) I love this ensemble. Very chic.

    I would LOVE to have my Monday start out that way. Unfortunately I had to get up early to go do a biology exam :P At least the test went well though!

    dance a real

    1. oh thank you Hannah!!!
      Good job! That's a good way to start!

  3. Please do a post about how to make fuzzy pants look fabulous. XD

    1. Oh, yea! I definately agree; a post on how to style fuzzy pants would be fabulous! ;)

    2. Hmm.... I'm seriously considering it ladies.... . :)