Thursday, February 12, 2015

Substitute Mom

So... Mom and Rachel left for Chicago today which means a few things.

1. I'm basically off work for a week! (Mom happens to be my accountant/shipper/packager and Rachel is my photographer.)
2. Mom tried to go over a "meal plan" with me, but we both know we're having mac and cheese and cookies for every meal.
3. I let Ruth watch "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" while she was doing school this morning, so I'd say we're already off to a productive start! 

Luckily Dad works from home, so I'll have him to keep my on track. 

Funny story: This pretty shed is actually down a back alley and while we were taking these pics we had an audience of two mildly sketch guys watching from the dumpster. Maybe they were aspiring fashion designers/photographers and wanted a few tips? We'll never know because we didn't stick around to find out. 

 Jacket: Consignment; Shirt: Ralph Lauren; Jeans: Loft; Boots; Nordstrom; Purse: Sketch lady in China; Sunglasses: Loft 


  1. Ooooh creepy. It would rather freak me out to have two guys of any level of shadiness watching me do a fashion shoot. "Mildly sketchy" would be awful. Haha :)

    I love your hair! What curling iron/method did you use? (Or is that your natural curl?)

    dance a real

    1. "mildly sketchy" was being gracious ;)
      My natural curl is more spirally (It's natural in the post "catty"), but sometimes I straighten it and then curl it with a curling bubble wand! This one is by revlon.

  2. Such a cute coat! Beautiful color!

  3. You look fabulous in purple (course you look fabulous in all colors I think hehe) And I love your hair :D

  4. Is that the bracelet from the red dress post? Where did you get it? I want one :)

    1. YES! I love it! I got it at charming charlie's for a couple bucks!