Friday, February 27, 2015

Q&A video

I finally got around to filming my question and answer video!!!! It's probably the worst quality you've ever seen and I talk very fast, but whatever. It's all I have to offer. If you have any questions or video requests please feel free to comment or email me! Thanks for everyone who sent me questions! Sorry I had to go through them so quickly! 

You can hear my opinions on dating in high school and 50 shades of grey/my biggest dreams and favorite quotes/what kind of music I like/ top 3 business tips!

I'd love to hear your answer to these questions in the comments!

(P.S. To add to what I said for the first part of my "outward beauty" question...
 Each and everyone of us is beautiful without having to try or make an efffort... but it is fun to experiment with fashion and makeup and hairstyles! I had to answer on the spot and wasn't able to articulate my answer very well. My apologies!) 


  1. Hey, I watched it, and you did better than I ever would at something like that. Lol Don't sweat it. ;) Thanks so much for answering my questions. Your answers were very helpful. :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! I had so much fun answering them!

  2. This was awesome! I have had a crazy busy few weeks and just now got to watch this, and let me tell you, it was the total highlight of my day! Thank you for being so thorough and answering everything. You really encouraged me in a lot of areas, especially about just being confident in who you are as an individual. :)

    Okay, your views on dating were SO refreshing. I've been trying to tell people that for years, but you put it so eloquently and to the point! People say that you have to date someone to get to know them, but it seems so much easier (and less awkward!) to get to know the person on a friend basis before spending one-on-one time with them. I haven't dated anyone yet (unless you count the refrigerator :P), but I have friends who are and it honestly doesn't look as fun as you'd think it should be. As mean as it sounds, I am learning from a lot of other people's mistakes.

    I’m a sucker for old classic 80’s rock music (Livin' On a Prayer, anyone?) and Maroon 5, although only a few of the latter since there are lots of little ears around me. One of my proudest big sister moments was hearing my four younger brothers (aged 14-7) singing different Taylor Swift songs, and all at different times. And my 4 year old sister “plays” the ukulele to “Stay”. When my dad walks past the kitchen and sees my brothers and me jamming out to "Shake It Off", he shakes his head in mock disappointment and I just retort that we are raising them right! :P