Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spinning By the Dock of the Reservoir (+Q&A)

So I decided this is probably what I would wear if I actually had a date for Valentine's Day... which I don't... for the up-teenth year.  

But hey who needs a date anyway when you can spin around in your pink dress all by yourself!?!? Not this girl. 

So there. That's what you get to learn about my love life. Nothing because it's non existent. Phew wasn't that exiting? Took a lot of guts. Glad we had that talk. 

Are you sick of seeing photos of me in this dress yet? We're almost done. 

Dress: BCBG; Tights: Ralph Lauren via TJmaxx; Shoes: Thrifted; Necklace: BCBG

Also... I'm planning on doing another Q&A since I didn't have time to answer all of the questions last time. If you have any questions leave a comment below! I'll answer any deep/funny/personal/random/business questions you have! Here's the link to my previous Q&A:


  1. Honestly, I was sad when the pictures ended! :P Everything about this outfit was perfect; the shoes, the tights, the dress (I LOVED the back of it!). I followed She Said {She Wore} when you and Rachel first started it, and I was *so* glad when you started this blog because it was a highlight of my day to see what cute outfits you came up with!

    Ooooh, I loved your last Q&A! Sorry my questions not very creative or exciting, but here goes. What is your favorite movie? Do you have one or two closet staple must-haves? Do you have any fashion icons that you look to for inspiration? And last one: How did you start sewing, and did you teach yourself? If you did, do you have any books or websites that you found helpful that you can recommend to fellow sewers? Okay, that's all! :)

    1. Thank you that's so sweet! Your comments always make my day!
      Perfect questions! I can't wait to answer them!!!!

  2. Wow, Hannah! Don't you just loooove it when a dress fits you as well as this red one fits?!? Makes one feel like a real lady!😍

    Hmmmm, questions:
    What is your favorite item of clothing you own and why?
    What are your top three tips for someone starting a business?
    What is your favorite color (can include prints, cause they're neutral, remember?;) ?
    What is your biggest dream for your future?
    Do you have a favorite saying or quote?
    What is your biggest advise for a girl aspiring to be beautiful and godly?
    Do you have any tips for a style lovin' girl on a budget?

  3. Ha! Ha! That was quite a lot. Sorry. 😉 That's perfectly okay if you don't answer them all!

  4. Oh, another question:

    How would describe your style?