Monday, March 2, 2015

The Hardest Part of Winter

Ok so 2 things:
1. Does anyone else feel like it's hard to find ways to wear color during the winter? Maybe because it's cold I gravitate towards blacks and greys. Whenever I find something bright and warm my hear sings. That's probably why this sweater is my new bff. Cashemere and Chartreuse? A recipe for warmth and happiness. 
2. Does anyone else feel like it's hard to wear skirts in the winter? Maybe because it''s cold I gravitate towards fuzzy pants and the occasional jeans. Whenever I find a warm and cute skirt I have a little dance party. This skirt is wool and warm and $2.50 at goodwill. Basically the best.  

Sweater: Kate Spade; Skirt: Goodwill; Earrings: Charming Charlie; 
Shoes: Consignment store


  1. Yes! Warm, cheerful, and pretty. Definately a recipe for happiness. :)
    How do get stuff at goodwill for less than $3? The clothes at our goodwill are more expensive than that, if I remember correctly. :/

    1. Skirt are usually $5 at our goodwill and then they have a "color of the week" which is half off, and this one happened to be the color!

  2. such a cute outfit! skirts in the winter are beautiful.