Tuesday, March 17, 2015


When your best friends call you and say they have extra tickets for the circus... do not hesitate. Go and wear a skirt that looks like a circus tent and eat lots of popcorn and discuss how you could turn their farm into a circus. (I'd be the lion tamer, but I'd use smaller house cats)


So despite the fact that, yes, the rest of the hundreds of people were wearing hoodies and jeans... I don't think that should ever stop you from wearing what you want. Rock that skirt and wedges and sparkly necklace to the circus. You won't regret it in 60 years, and if you keep it up you'll be "that cool old lady" that wears 4" wedges. Nevermind maybe that's not safe.
(although I did change into boots at the last minute because I realized it was only 50-something degrees)
I'm rambling now, so I'll stop. Deepest apologies for not posting last week. I've been super busy and my sister's (photographer) boyfriend is in town, so we haven't done any actual shoots yet. At least you got to see more of the studio! Hahahaha! I promise it will be better next week. 

Popcorn is a must at any event or even at 2 am when you just need something salty for that sad chick flick you're watching. Anyway...

Definitely almost got smacked in the face with that thing a few times, but she's so cute it's worth it. Plus she kept telling me she liked my outfit. 

I did NOT have a chocolate chip cookie stuffed soft pretzel for lunch! Ok, fine... but can you blame me? Wednesday Rach and her boyfriend Tim decided we all needed to watch the Batman trilogy because we (Rach and I) hadn't seen it yet. We sat in front of the tv for almost 9 hours only taking breaks to go to the library and make these. (Well they made them... I just ate them) They are seriously the perfect blend of salty and sweet and I'm obsessed. Here's the recipe so you can make your own! 

It even looks like a pretzel :')

Oh and those movies are amazing and Heath Ledger's acting is out of this world and I screamed and cried and I highly recommend.  

 Skirt: Hannah Everly; Shirt: TJmaxx; Necklace: J.Crew (borrowed from Rachel); Wedges: Consignment


  1. My gosh, girl. It seems every time I check this blog, Twitter, or Instagram, you are eating something delicious or doing something fun! Ha ha! I guess that's the joy of working from home and for yourself? I would love to be able to fit in all the fun stuff...how do you?
    And love the outfit...very snazzy. :p All my support for wearing that to the circus. You continue to inspire me. :)

    1. GREAT question! That's a really good idea for a post! Or maybe I'll even do a "follow me around" vlog tomorrow since I have a few fun things planned! What do you think?
      Thanks girl!

    2. What do I think? I think that that would be a DREAM COME TRUE! :D I would love to know how you do things, especially considering we both have school and a sewing business, but for some reason, you seem to be able to fit in so much more than me lol. Like when do you do social media and exercise...the things that seem to eat up time, and still have time for the fun stuff.
      I also think that other girls would love it, too. ;)

    3. Awww thanks girl! I'm trying out vlogging this weekend, so you'll have to let me know what you think!

  2. I love your skirt, and it perfectly suits a trip to the circus. Also, movie marathons are so much fun. I've never had a movie marathon that long, but a couple of friends and I have been tossing around a Hobbit/LOTR movie marathon over the summer when the final Hobbit movie has come out on DVD. Apparently the total run time is around 20 hours, so if our parents let us do that, it would be really crazy but also really fun.

    1. My family used to do a LOTR marathon every new years!!! SO. MUCH. FUN. I highly recommend!

  3. Your outfit is gorgeous :) I love those wedges -- too bad it was too cold to wear them indefinitely! ;) And that pretzel looks to-die-for. . .I might have to make some myself.

    I like the Batman trilogy, and Heath Ledger is (was) a really great actor. I wish he hadn't ended the way he did :(

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    1. Thanks girl! At this point I may start wearing wedges in 40 degree weather! ;)
      HI WAS. Probably one of the best actors of all time in that movie. I can't believe some of it was off script acting too! *sigh*