Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Days/Daze

I couldn't decide if I should go the "spring days" route and talk about the days spring, or the "spring daze" route and talk about the daze of spring, so we're going to talk about both. 

Spring days: Man can we just all take a deep inhale and exhale and mediate on the amazingness of spring??? There's a popular quote that says "life starts over again in the fall", but I'd have to disagree and say it starts over in the spring. Obviously there's so much new life and bright flowers and trees budding and all that jazz. New fresh wave of thoughts and life changing decisions and long car rides with the windows rolled down and singing along to happy music. Wow I'm getting emotional and we need to move on to spring daze before I get so into this post that I can't finish it. 

Spring daze: Life picks up in the spring, but so does business. I'm constantly up to my ears in orders, and every year it gets harder and harder to find the balance between fun and work. (not that work isn't fun, but you know what I mean.) I find myself getting into a routine of making and re-making checklists and writing countless names on dozens of sticky notes and start to lose the wonder and peace I love so much about spring. 
If you're feeling cloudy and stressed then I highly suggest going and sitting outside for an hour the next time it's sunny and over 60. It's not wasting time. It's refreshing your soul. It's good, kids. 

(Do these two photos crack you up the way they were lined up? Same, same. I totally didn't realize I just made myself look ridiculously un-proportioned.)

*This has been reflection time with Han. Hope you've enjoyed. Have a fab week and keep being stellar.* 

Jacket: Kenneth Cole, Shirt: Loft, Jeans: CITIZENS of HUMANITY, Shoes: Goodwill (booyah)


  1. I so agree...on everything. Thank ya, thank ya. :)
    (And I totally want to watch your vlog and comment on it, but I don't have time right now. :( Promise I will later.)

  2. Those wedges are from GOODWILL? Wow, that was an amazing find :)

    I hope work goes well for you this spring and isn't too overwhelming. I always struggle to balance correctly between school and fun :P

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    1. YES I know, right!?!?!
      Thanks girl! :) I hope all goes well for you too!

  3. Did I ever mention I love this outfit? Yep, I want it. 'Specially the pants. I love those pants.

  4. Hello There! I just found your blog, and adore it! I love your fashion, and the style in which you write. Plus, I might just have to save up and get myself one of those skirts. ;)

    1. Hey girl! Welcome!!! I'm so glad you like it! Please stick around and leave lots of comments! :)