Thursday, March 12, 2015

Oscar Party

So I realized I totally forgot to tell you about/post about the Oscar party I went to a few weeks back!!!
I look so forward to this every year and love seeing all my friends in gowns and bow ties. :') (plus I love any excuse to wear a hot pink 50's cocktail dress) 

So here's the dress I wore and it's vintage and I'm pretty sure if I believed in reincarnation (definitely don't) I would be re incarnated into this dress. 

I got it for $30 (THIRTY DOLLAS) in November, but never found the right occasion to wear it until this February evening. 

Phew doesn't the studio look on point? I'm sure it's never seen a better day. 

Selfie ft. ironing board and pink bowl that totes matches my dress. 

Ok so here are some pics from the parties photobooth! 

Sister's in vintage. Yes, yes. 

Some of my bestest friends. (Keep your eye on these guys cause I have a great photo of their photobooth stunt at the end.) 

This photo speaks for itself. 

Best friends :')


Ok so back to that photo I promised.
Jesse and Skyler decided we needed to recreate this photo from last year...

...but make it better and more impressive. (everyone sigh... *guys*)

Rachel and I aren't to be seen in the new version cause we weren't feeling like breaking our necks.


  1. Hahaha skylar and Jessie's photo is the best! And your dress is SOOO gorgeous!

  2. I'm gonna come crash this party next year.

  3. Oh my... That looks so fun. You all look beautiful!

  4. That looks so fun, and I LOVE the pink sash on your dress.

  5. Your hair. Your lipstick. And that dress! I love fuscia!!!! :D Perfectly lovely, Hannah. Wish I could host a fun party like that. Maybe someday.... :)

    1. Aww you're so sweet! Me too! You totally should!