Wednesday, March 4, 2015

End It

So you may notice a red X on my right hand and also that I have titled this post "End It". Surprisingly I'm not addressing the snow, but human trafficking. There are still 27 million people trapped in the sex trade and and other forms of slavery.27 million too many. Together we can put an end to it and raise awareness! Draw a red X on your hand, take a selfie showing your red X, and hashtag it #enditmovement. We can't sit back and wait for it to end itself. It's time to do something about it. 

(maybe staying home for a week is starting to get to me...)

I really love clothing or jewelry with a story. I think that may be why I wear so much second hand or vintage. I love dreaming about my 1950's gowns being twirled around at parties that took place almost 70 years ago. I love wondering what kind of girl owned my 1960's mod dress. Was she feisty or gentle or radical or a woman's rights activist or a mother? What I love even more is when you know the stories. I have dresses from the 70's hanging in my closet and I have the photos of my great aunt wearing them to parties and on cruise boats. But I think my favorite story is the girl who wore this necklace. Her name was Karin.I remember seeing her sit in front of us in church when I was little and never giving her much of a second thought. In fact... I didn't even remember her name when my parents mentioned her a few years ago. As I sat in my seat in a room jam packed with people tearing up and smiling at each other... I was sad I didn't remember this girl. People stood up and told the most amazing stories and memories about her. She got sick when she was 17 and fought her sickness for 10 years until it finally took her life. She never once complained about her problems but instead devoted her life to helping others and bringing glory to Christ. I'm so touched her parents (who are good friends of our family) decided to give me this necklace of hers, and every time I wear it I want to make Karin proud by how I live and treat others. She left the most amazing legacy and is one of my biggest inspirations in life, and I can only hope to impact the world like she did. 

(Not cute Han, Not cute.)

Coat: Tulle ; Shirt: Juicy Couture; Jeans: Loft; Boots: Nordstrom 


  1. I agree, 27 million people is 27 million too much. On the lighter note, awesome outfit! BTW, I contacted you with the widget on the side of your blog, but you can contact me @

    1. Hey Jelena! Thank you so much! Can you resend your email to hannaheverly(at)hotmail(dot)com? For some reason my side bar thing isn't working.:(

  2. Amen, girl. Praying is great, but so is taking action.
    And I totally agree about clothes with a story. I wish I had all the clothes my great-grandmother made for my mom when she was younger, but they are long gone. :..(. I'm making sure to keep every article of clothing I make, even if I don't care about it or don't wear it anymore. My children might someday. :)
    Love the color of your coat...looks superb with your hair. :)